Tuesday, April 21, 2009

English Speech

Berbahasa inggris itu tidak susah. Malahan enak kalo kita bisa bercakap dengan berbahasa inggris.... Kesempatan ini saya akan memberikan satu postingan untuk sobat blogger, yang mungkin satu saat bisa berguna. Spesial untuk adik kelas saya yang bernama "coinK".

Baiklah,,judul kali ini akan saya beri "Free Sex"

Free Sex

Good Morning...
First to first thanks to allah swt, because we can be here to do our activity today. And sholawat and salam to our leader forever Muhammad saw, because him we can to be a best person today.

At this time I want to tell you about free sex.

Free sex , we all know if free sex is the hot news today. If we are speak about it, maybe we can think about the younger like us , the young generation. As a young we must do something to make our live to will be the best, every time in our live.Maybe I can give something suggest to you if we must keep our self from all about the bad think. Because, we have it our live to be not good. Don't do anything not good to your live, because it just spend your time. Use your time very well. Remember friends, never do free sex and keep away from it. Say no to drugs and keep healthy live. I think thats all for this morning. Thank for your attention and wassalam


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